• Active Small Cell (Metro and Enterprise) Systems with dual-sector beamforming for LTE Networks

FROM CONCEPT TO REALITY. Socowave is an innovative Wireless Systems Company, solving the unmet needs of its cellular infrastructure customers with innovative radio product solutions. Passionate about breaking new ground, Socowave supports customers with smart, ready-to-use and high performance UMTS and LTE radio access solutions. 

OUTDOOR METROCELL SOLUTIONS with dual-sector beams and interference management between the macro and metro layers; a new benchmark in network efficiency. Socowave has mastered the synchronisation and DSP control challenges associated with multi-beam sector generation from a single antenna structure. Now its possible to segment in the vertical domain as well as horizontal and more fully exploit existing sites and frequency spectrum assets.

FROM CONCEPT TO REALITY. Socowave has successfully completed vendor field trials of its UMTS and LTE active antenna systems and obtained evidence of substantial performance improvements. 'Operator witnessed' trials have verified end-to-end mobile calling via vendor partner's network (baseband/RNC) and demonstrated substantial performance benefits from Socowave's fully active antenna systems with Active Diversity (uplink) and Vertical Sectorisation (UL/DL) beamforming solutions. Recent trials have verified a near doubling of data throughput with Vertical Sectorisation.

TWO-STAGE INTEGRATION OF NEW PRODUCTS. Socowave offers a staged network integration option to infrastructure OEMs. Initially new systems can be integrated using RRH emulation software and a separate cloud-based monitoring/optimisation platform. This defers OEM investments in network software integration and regression testing until market acceptance is proven. Both Macro and Metrocell active systems can be easily deployed, configured and optimised from Socowave's cloud-based platform.

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